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"Its The Audacity For Me" Bridget Shighadi Mocks Her Character's Behaviour (Yola) In Zora

Bridget Shighadi is a main actress in Zora series where she acts the character zora.

The latest events happening in the Chibale family is that she is the new bride of Kwame who is chibale's son.

She got married with the intention of stealing from the Chibale as a way of revenging what they did to her.

In an attempt to act the supportive wife, she interrupted the Chibale's in their meeting where they were discussing where the lost money has been lost to.

Kwame's aunt suggested that they let the loss of the money slide since they risked having Mr Chibale being jailed and Yola came in to support the aunt.

She is advocating for them to put the matter aside so that she can continue stealing from them under their noses.

Yola was married to Kwame by madam Zalena to hide the secret that Kwame was the one who killed Alma.

Bridget Shighadi came to her Instagram handle to condemn what Yola is doing since it is not ethical.

"Sorry for interrupting.. Yola, its the audacity for me" Bridget Shighadi wrote.

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