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"Sijakuja na Mbwa Juu Nina Utu, " -Eric Omondi Dramatic Entry into Sol Festival at KICC(VIDEO)

On Saturday, December 17th, it was all drama at the KICC following the appearance of Eric Omondi, who claims to be president of the entertainment industry in Kenya, for the Sol festivals, courtesy of the Sauti Sol Band.

This was not expected, as he had been given stance warnings by Bien Baraza, a member of the Saiti Sol Band, not to try to attend the event. Earlier, Bien had issued a statement, stamping out Eric Omondi from the event. The statement read:

“I want to assure fans attending the Sol Fest this Saturday that the individual shown above, known for being a seasoned public nuisance, will not, shall not, and will never be allowed entry to Sol Fest. He may have devised a plan to camouflage his way into the venue but our able security team remains vigilant,”

On a video from credible sources, Eric is seen entering the premises of KICC with a big crowd, singing morale songs. Eric is seen being lifted onto a man's shoulders.

After a few minutes, a group of journalists surrounds him and interviews him. While getting along with the "question and answer" conversation, one journalist asks why he didn't come along with his dogs, as he had pledged. He said, "Sijakuja na Mbwa Juu Nina Utu." "Ninaelewa yakwamba Mimi ni binadamu na Mbwa ni Mnyama,... ", which translates to "I haven't come along with dogs because I have humanity, and I know that I am a human being and dogs are animals... "

For more information, click the link below to watch the video.

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