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Why Tem Should Not Be Critized After She Stopped Wizkid From Holding Her During Stage Performance

It has been on the news that Nigeria popular singer, Wizkid held three days music concert in London. However, Wizkid has been trending on social media and a lot of people are celebrating him for taking Afrobeat to international level.

According to what Wizkid posted on social media and he said, he would perform " made in Lagos" on the last day of the concert. However, a lot of people have been criticizing Tems for stopping Wizkid from carrying her during their stage performance in London. Though, Wizkid is the reason the beautiful singer is known all over the world after he featured her in one of his track " Essence" .

And since then International music stars are making effort to work with her. Here are the reason people should stop dragging her on social media for stopping Wizkid from holding her.

Tems Is A Shy Person

If you have been watching some of her live videos you will know she' s a shy person and she like to do her thing the way she want not the way the public want it.

I see no reason why the viewers should criticize her simply because she chose to be herself. A lot of young ladies will do same thing, being a musician does not mean she' s use to public show. Though, Wizkid needed vibe in order to entertain the viewers but Tems is not like that, i think Wizkid should respect her decision.

Is Not All Musicians Who Are Naughty On Stage

Tems is trying to bring what other female musicians are not doing.

Is not all musicians that are naughty, I observed Tems has principle and integrity she want to maintain and that is the reason she always be herself. Performing on stage does not mean you will go naughty and weird, though the viewers want that kind of public display but she' s not that type.

However, the viewers are already use to the way other musicians go naughty and weird while performing on stage that is the reason they are criticizing her. Everybody have their limit so let her decision be respected.

Judging From Her Public Display Tems Will Not Accept That From Wizkid

Bringing her into limelight does not mean she will dance to everything you want her to do.

Wizkid is a well respected musician in the world but that does not mean he will have his way in everything. Though, he wanted to spice up their stage performance but since Tems don' t want it that way let her decision be respected. The viewers should stop criticizing and condemning her, judging from the way she dress, she' s a decent girl and her kind is her to see.

Tems Want To Avoid Be Drag For Having Intimate Relationship With Wizkid

One thing about the viewers is that they will be the one that will praise you and at the same time drag you when you misbehave. Tems took the best decision for stopping Wizkid from carrying her during their stage performance in order to avoid being drag on social media. A lot of people will think she' s having intimate relationship with the musician which she' s trying to avoid. The viewers have dragged Wizkid on social media after he featured Tiwa Savage in his music video " fever" and they said he was dating her.

So Tems don' t want to create that impression I believe that was the reason she stopped him from doing what he wanted to do. Even after he stopped him from carrying her the viewers are still criticizing her, this show that you can' t please human being and the best you can do is to be yourself. Had it be Tems allowed Wizkid the viewers would drag her for having intimate relationship with him.

They should allow her to live her life the way she want it, though another thing is that. May be she' s trying to protect her outside relationship and her image. Though, what she did will not stop Wizkid from taking her to another level or prevent him from featuring her in his music. Tem has gotten the link she want and believe both of them will do better, Kindly drop your opinion on the comment section, follow up for more updates, like and share.

Content created and supplied by: KevinGatesKenya (via Opera News )

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