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Sultana: Mwanzele Inconsolable After He Learnt About The Death Of His Wife, Zuu

Mwanzele is one of the influential actors in Citizen TV's Sultana series. In the series, he acts as a worker to Major Jabali. He is also the father to Kaka and his wife is Zuu. This makes Mwanzele to be the son-in-law of the late Mzee Maneno and automatically an inlaw to Bi Salama.

Mwanzele's charismatic character earned him the admiration of many fans and as for my part, I would vote for him as the second-best actor in the series. As for the best actor, that's a story for another day.

Now, in the recent developments, things have not been going on well in the village and Sultana, together with Bi Salama ran away. On Friday's episode, we saw Mwanzele chatting with Babu while Zuu ran to the forest to fetch some drugs for Babu. While in the forest, Zuu met with Major Jabali. A confrontation arose and Zuu tried to kill Major using a Jembe. However, MAjor evaded the strike and hit Zuu hard on the back. He finished her off by twisting her neck and left her in the forest.

On Monday, the 27th episode, Mwanzele will be broken the news about Zuu's demise by a neighbor who found her lying in the forest. This will make Mwanzele inconsolable as together with Babu, they will be heard wailing away in deep pain.

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