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Zora Actors And Actresses And Their Adorable Kids In Real Life (photos)

Sarah Hassan- Zora

She plays the lead role in the Zora series. Sarah is a very experienced dramatic actress who has performed in many local and international shows.

In real life, Zora is a family woman. She is married to Martin Dale, and they have a son named Dale.

Jackie Matubia- Nana

Jackie has a wonderful daughter, Zari Wanjiku. In most cases, she serves her Instagram followers with mother-daughter relationship goals.

Damaris Ketrai- Loretta

Loretta plays the Aunt of Madiba and Kwame in the Zora series. In real life, Loretta is a married woman with two beautiful kids, a daughter, and a son.

Brigitte Shighadi- Yola 

Yola shows the role of a gangster girl who fights for love and money with greed. In real life, Yola is married to actor Nick Mutuma and is blessed with a beautiful girl, Dua Mutuma.

Robert Agengo- Fella

He acts like a gangster and ruthless father in the Zora show. Out of camera, Fella is a family man. In a recent interview with a local station, he admitted of having six kids from different relationship.

Angela Mukami- Shanice

In the Zora series show, Shanice acts as one of the Fellas' maids. She has a gorgeous girl, although details about her are not known to the public.

Eunice David- Hamida

In reality, Hamida has a beautiful girl. Like other proud mothers, Hamida always posts photos of her beloved daughter on her Instagram page.

Brenda Mitchell- Alma 

Alma is Kwame's wife in the Zora series. In addition to acting, Brenda is the mother of one whom she got with producer Jacky B.

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Damaris Ketrai- Jackie Matubia- Martin Dale Zari Wanjiku Zora


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