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Te Doy La Vida;Good News To Elena As Horacio Is Given Custody To Be With Nicholas

At first,When Nicholas is released from the hospital, he goes with a social worker to take care of him according to the authorities. He can not be with Elena her mother nor Ernesto his father because of the known reasons, Everyone takes the news the sad way but they can not do anything but to encourage Nicholas that its only for a short period of time.

In the Episode,Horacio who is Elena's father gets good news from the authorities that he has been given Nichols's custody for some time. Horacio breaks to Elena who becomes very happy. Without wasting time,Horacio goes for Nicholas to take him home. Everybody is happy waiting for them at home but Ernesto is not into these news. A welcome home party for Nicholas is there and people are happy seeing Nicolas especially her mother Elena and Pedro.

Ernesto asks Horacio to see Nicholas but he denies him a chance to see Nicholas. Ernesto leaves in bitter pain but he is paying for what he did after all. On the other side Nicholas is happy being with Elena and His other family members.

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