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Husband and wife relationship

"I Was a Drug Addict and Peddler and My Wife Fed Me When Drunk, I'm Now Changed," Man Confesses

Marriage is not a bed of roses like most people think. It comes with challenges of understanding someone who was brought up in a different background from you and living with their weaknesses.

Michael King'ori Gichuki gave a story of the journey of their marriage in an interview and it's so encouraging. He met his wife Bilha King'ori at a party in 1999 and it was love at first sight.

He revealed that when they tied the note they were both drinking and carried the habit to their marriage.

Michael was addicted to alcohol and sometimes did not sleep at home. Bilha on the other hand was addicted to smoking cigarettes but regulated the amount of alcohol she took because she had to take care of their children and her husband.

He said, "I was a drug addict and peddler. My wife took care of me so well and could even feed me when I was drunk."

Bilha revealed that she did all that because she loved him and did not want anything to jeopardize their marriage. Sometimes she could sleep on the couch waiting for her husband to come home and forgive him severally for beating her.

Their lives changed when they decided to give their lives to God. They became prayerful and everything turned around positively.

Michael encouraged married couples to always stick together despite the challenges they go through because marriage is about two imperfect people trying to be perfect.

Bilha praised her husband saying he is a blessing and a best friend to her. That if she was given a chance to chose another partner she would still choose Michael because he is the best man.

Click on the link below to watch a video of them telling their story.

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