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High Drama As Busia Man Does The unthinkable To The Wife's Parents Who Had Visited Them

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A man is suppose to respect and fear the wife's parents.But Most men in Kenya today fear their in-laws to an extent of not willing to meet.This is what a luhya man did when he was visited by the father and mother in-law.

According To Taifa Leo a Kenyan daily newspaper reporting in Swahili,a man from Nambale sub county,Busia county, disappointed his wife after running away from her parents who had visited them.

On the material day,the man who is yet to pay bride wealth, received the news of her in-laws coming,and concluded that they were coming to ask for dowry.

He went ahead to blame the wife for planning for her parents to visit them without informing him early enough to prepare.

Later on,the man decided to sneak out of the home without the wife noticing.At the time of his disappearance,the wife was in the kitchen preparing a meal for the visitors.

When the in-laws arrived,the wife found herself in a difficult situation explaining to her parents ,why the husband was not present.

The woman was annoyed by the action of her husband,and at the end the girls parents concluded that their son in-law was becoming a liar and they were going to take action so that he pays bride wealth.

Story by Dennis Sinyo of Taifa Leo.

Content created and supplied by: Kenyannews (via Opera News )

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