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"My Cousin Gets Me Drunk Only To Sleep With My Wife" Peter Sadly Shares His Devastating Story

Peter Kamau from Kijabe narrates a very sad story of how his first cousin sleeps with his wife behind his back.

Devastated by his first cousin who is like a brother to him, Peter can't help but show his frustration and anger towards his discovery. He narrates how they are good friends and since his cousin has money, he buys him alcohol most of the times.

Little did he know that his wife was paying for this act of kindness by his cousin. Interestingly, Peter claims that his cousin gets him night shift jobs from his workplace. Him thinking that he is heaven sent since the cash he gets boosts his family a lot, to his cousin, it turns out to be nights of fun and pleasure with Peter's wife.

One day while Peter was working on the night shift as usual, his cousin got drunk and went straight to his house. Lucky, his cousin's wife saw him while going to buy paraffin and thought that he was heading home only to get there and not find him.

Since she used to complain a lot that his husband goes to Peter's house most of the times and doesn't give her attention, she goes to look for him there only to find him and Peter's wife cuddling. Angered by the scene, she screamed loudly something that attracted attention of other family members and the neighbours.

Upon arrival from work, Peter found his compound filled up with people only to be told that his wife has been having sexual escapades with his first cousin. This really broke his heart considering that he married his wife with two children but still loved them unconditionally only for her to betray her.

Click here to catch the whole story on YouTube.

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This leaves us with the question, what is really happen in our society? Feel free to share your views and follow us for more Kenyan gossips as and when they happen.

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