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10 Tiny “Titanic” Mistakes Real Fans Saw as a Gigantic Iceberg

More than two decades have passed since the release of Titanic, but no one seems to have stopped talking about it. Since then, it has received numerous honors and accolades, making it a benchmark for contemporary film. In spite of this, even a production of this scale is not immune to errors. Viewers have seen what diehard fans would see as major flaws, and for that they should be commended.

Bright Side found 20 inaccuracies that only die-hard Titanic fans would notice.

1) Poor social manners

The characters in Titanic fall in love despite being from various social strata. Rose and her mother, Ruth DeWitt Bukater (portrayed by Frances Fisher), are members of the upper class and as such are expected to be well-versed in social conventions. Many times, Mrs. Ruth herself reminds others to follow them. It's inconsistent with the norms of decorum, which state that she should remove her gloves before entering a dining room or other setting where food is being served, yet she does so in multiple scenes throughout the film.

The dispersing masses

At the start of the film, thousands of people had gathered to say their final goodbyes before the departure of their loved ones on the Titanic. You can see the ship through the glass, though, in the scene where Jack and his friend Fabrizio (Danny Nucci) are playing cards to win their lucky tickets. The problem is that nobody seems to be there. Who knows where they've gone.

We don't know, but when Jack and Fabrizio board the massive ship for their next trip, the throng is back on the dock.

3. Modifications to the stack

The smokestack of the boat, like the guardrails and the bow, appears to be autonomous. The smokestack's profile changes from the beginning of the film to the middle and end, when the ship is already sinking. It's likely that this occurred since keeping track of all the set's specifics throughout time was a tedious and expensive process.

The Appearance of Things

As Jack is being wrongfully detained by ship officers, Rose comes to his rescue. There was a cushion in the room between takes, but the producers didn't catch that. Do we have a nap taker on our hands?

The snotsicle

Both Jack and Rose are doing their best to stay alive while they wait to be rescued from the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. They start off by helping one other out, and Jack gets a snotsicle since he can't stand the cold. Rose tries to rouse him up later after aid has arrived, but the ice has melted.

Sixth, relocating safety barriers

Take a look at this blooper with the props. The first picture shows Leonardo DiCaprio's Jack Dawson and his companion standing on the ship's bow with the side railings open.

In a later moment, with the wind blowing on them, Jack and Rose share one of the film's most memorable embraces. The railings, however, had been fixed. Is it conceivable that this shot made the bars feel so in love that they decided to give each other a big hug?

Reflection of the cameraman, number seven

Shot in 1997, before the advent of modern camera technology, each scene required a small army of cameramen to follow the performers from all directions. You may see one of them in the door mirror on the Titanic. There's little doubt about it; fixing this mistake would be a major hassle without the help of today's apps.

Time of year is wrong (8)

The character Cal Hockley (Billy Zane) is another victim of sloppy costume selection. This person upsets Jack because he is jealous of his success and makes comments about how poor Jack is and how he always dresses in the same boring clothes. He's wearing a suit and shoes, but no socks, which raises questions. This is an essential component of any dressy outfit, and it is especially appropriate for the time period around which the film is set.

Rose's Nail Length, Number 9

Since filming took months, Kate Winslet's nails must have grown numerous times. However, Rose, one of her fictional characters, only had a few days. There are times when her fingernails appear quite short, and the length of her nails can vary greatly from one scene to the next.

10 The name of Jack's referred-to lake

While trying to talk Rose out of plunging into the Atlantic, Jack brings up the prospect of ice fishing on Lake Wissota. The lake in issue is manmade and wasn't built until 1917, whereas the Titanic went down in 1912. The Santa Monica roller coaster that Jack has promised to ride with Rose is the same way. Actually, construction didn't begin until 1916.


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