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The Special Sacred Tree Found Among The Kikuyu Community Falls

A special mugumo tree has today fallen down to the fascination of many Kikuyu people because everything has happened in an unexpected manner. The tree was located at Kanjeru in Muthure location found in Kabete subcounty but it's untimely fall has brought in a good number of Kikuyu elders to examine what the problem as well as the signification of this incident.

Mugumo is the name this sacred tree has always been known to the Kikuyu community and was inherited from their ancestors. This tree is crucially significant because unlike other indigenous trees, it is above all the symbol of power, fertility and life among the Kikuyu people.

This incident will indeed need answers specifically from the well conversant Kikuyu elders who have a rich consent and knowledge of what it means by their sacred tree falling down by itself. Many people especially those who hold fast to the Kikuyu traditions will lying in wait to receive satisfactory explanations about this sacred incident that has just happened.

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Kanjeru Kikuyu Mugumo Muthure


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