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Zora: Hamida Slaps Neema

In the upcoming episode Zalena will visit Hamida. Zalena wants to hide in her house She gives Hamida and Neema alot of money not to say where she is hiding. Hamida is scared and tells Zalena they don't want her money. Neema will call Hamida and convinces her to accept the money because Zalena will stays with them for few days.

Neema will welcome Zalena inside the house because she can't allow such amount of money to pass her. Hamida will call Madiba and tells him that his mother is hiding in her place. Zalena heard everything and she ties both Hamida and Neema hands then she runs away.

Ogolla will send his men to look for Zalena at Hamida's place but they will be shocked to see Hamida and Neema tied their both hands. They will look for Zalena but they will not find her. Zalena has escaped.

Neema will then complain to the police to pay them because they have told them where Zalena was hiding. The police will look at her and just leave.

Neema will then starts complaining to Hamida that she just a formless person because by now they could be rich people if she never open her mouth. Hamida will slap her and enters in the house.

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