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Bahati Wonders Whether His Wife Supports His Music As She Fails to Know the Lyrics of His Songs

Bahati and Diana Marua is one of the best couples in Kenya known for supporting each other's hustles. No one knew that their relationship and marriage would last for all these years since they thought Diana was after money.

The Bahatis were trolled on social media and people predicted that they would part ways after a short period of time but they proved them wrong because no matter what happens they never seem to be shaken.

They are each other's support system because whenever Bahati releases a new song Diana always posts it social media and assures him that she is there for him. Bahati on the other hand encourages and pushes Diana to become better by supporting every step that she makes.

However, a challenge that Bahati, Diana and their workers did left Bahati wondering whether his wife supports his music. The challenge was about testing whether they knew the lyrics to Bahati's songs or not given that they are the people who are closer to him. Water placed in balloons was to be poured on whoever failed to recognise the lyrics of any song chosen for him or her.

When Diana's turn came, she was told to sing Bahati's song 'Visa' but she could not sing even a single line. He decided to test her with one of the most recent songs 'Najua' but she could not sing it too. Bahati seemed disappointed wondering how Diana claims that she supports him yet she can't even sing his latest songs.

Watch the video on the link below.

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