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Bien Baraza explains why he wanted a divorce after eight months of the COVID-19 pandemic

It was only eight months after their wedding that Bien-Aime Baraza admitted that he wanted to divorce Chiki Kuruka.

A few months before the COVID-19 pandemic, the singer revealed that they were forced to spend a lot of time together as a result of the pandemic.

Bien eventually realized that spending so much time with his wife was wearing him down, and he began to consider divorce as a solution.

"Before the pandemic, I used to think of my wife as a romantic interest, and being stuck at home all day with her, as amazing as she is, was driving me crazy. Eight months into our relationship, I'm thinking, "I want divorce, this is too much."

Bien explains that he went to counseling because he didn't realize that he had been away from home for a year while he was dating his current girlfriend. "It was all rosy and now the true colors started to show," Bien says.

During the month of June 2021, Chiki rebuffed claims that Bien and she are in an open marriage, citing their shared values of honesty and openness.

So that's how a comment that Bien and I were making on Sol Family was taken. We, on the other hand, agree that honesty and openness are essential, even if it means fantasizing about celebrities. What amuses me the most is how it grew to such an enormous size," Chiki remarked.

Bien had previously stated that he and his wife are free to fantasize about other celebrities they'd never met.

In the event that he ever meets his celebrity crush and is in a position where he or she wishes to "engage in coitus" with him, he and Chiki have a mutual agreement.

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