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Embarambamba The Mud-Man

Sometimes in life, you must get out your way, do the unexpected, in an extraordinary way to make both ends meet. If there is somebody who has gone out of his way, toiling to earn a living is none other than Chris Embarambamba from Kisii

Well, if you candidly asked me, I will not urge people, musicians or comedians to behave exactly like Chris Embarambamba, but I will still recommend his type of vigour, determination and stategy.

For those that are getting to know him for the first time now, this guy started his music career a little bit earlier and back in the days. He actually Started with secular music. By then we was doing normal music videos just like the rest do it normally. At that time while grappling to rise, nobody recognized him, his effort or passion in music.

Personally, as long as I knew he was a secular Gusii musician, I am sorry to admit that I have never listened to any of his secular music. I only started to listen to his music recently when he started his theatrics especially hoe wife he wades on muddy waters.

His theatrics might look odd but unfortunately, that's how this world is. It rewards those that "Stand Out" from the rest.

How you should stand out from the rest is up to you. Embarambamba chose theatrics, spectacular comics not seen before. People have come to know him more because of this including media stations and great personalities who makes him a subject of discussion now and then

For that, he beats all odds when it comes to brand positioning. He will undoubtedly rise to higher heights.

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Chris Embarambamba Embarambamba Mud-Man


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