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"Doctors Said That my Son Would Die" Meet a Boy Who Was Born With a Heart Outside His Chest (Video)

Yuvin was born with disability and doctors told his mother that he was not going to live for long because he was born with his heart outside the chest.

Yuvin's mother claims that it's a miracle for her son to be alive because even the doctor did not expect him to survive since he was born different from the other children.

Yuvin has to be extra careful due to his condition. His mother claims it was hard for her to get a school for him because everybody including the teachers were scared because they did not know how to handle him.

Yuvin must avoid falling down because once his heart is hit by anything, he will die since his heart works from outside his chest and this is why he should always be careful.

Yuvin was not only born with his heart outside his chest, he has disability from his head to the the toes. He was born without some of his fingers and toes.

Yuvin's mother has asked for help to raise money for her son's treatment because she no longer works due to Corona.

If you wish to help Yuvin's mother click here

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