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Sultana: JJ Defends Maneno And Mwanzele Being Fired By Major

Tomorrow's episode Mwanzele, Maneno and Kaka will be back at work. The three are late and are scared to face Major because anything can happen.

Asia informs Major that he has visitors. He gets out only to find is his workers. Major will be mad at them and asks them where they have being? They will not answer and Major asks them if they are dump but none will reply.

JJ gets out and finds his father complaining to Mwanzele. JJ calls him and informed Major that he spent the all night with them till morning because they are related to Salama. Major cools down and gets back to talk with Maneno and Mwanzele.

Major asks Mwanzele to give him his milk money but Mwanzele used them. Major gets angry again and tells them he will cut them into pieces and if any one wants to stop from working to do as he wish. Major gets back in the house.

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