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Lupita Nyong'o Speaks About the Price of Stardom and the Racism in Hollywood

Listening to Lupita talk about her lifestyle as a Hollywood star and racism that she has to face from time to time in the United States will make you have a second thought on your desire to live abroad. She says that stardom has led her into living a very isolated life something that devours from inside and that has evidently taken a number of stars in the spotlight to their sick bed.

Over the weekend, Lupita and her Kenyan cousin were on a self video tape for a youtube channel commemorating their moments back in childhood and staff. Just quoting a small section of the video you can notice that indeed stardom comes at a price which you must be willing to pay at all times. Here are some of the things she had to forgo to stay out of the trolls.

Dancing in public

If you have been an avid follower of her on Instagram, you will surely notice her love for dancing. Now been an Oscar Award winning thespian she can nolonger do that since everybody has become a videographer on their own gadget. She become more self conscious and wary too of the people around her.

Losing her natural Kenyan accent

It is quiet evident that Lupita eventually adopted her foreign accent which masked her Luo accent. She jokingly says that her Luo accent only comes out when she is mad or when immitating her father.

Shopping in the mall

A lot of girls enjoy going out shopping but not for Lupita. The thought of everybody looking at you and the sight of so many choices to make is definitely not her thing and so she prefers sending someone instead. Now with the masks where almost everyone is wearing, she can now consider it once in a while since there is some to partially conceal her identity.

Kitt Kiarie, Lupita's cousin and childhood friend [photo courtesy]

That having been said, you can coclude one thing for sure that Lupita is unlike the so many celebrities we have that are always out pulling public stunts to keep afloat and relevant in the entertainment industry. Do you think Lupita's humility is something to be envied? Leave a comment.

Content created and supplied by: Emmanuelwachirake (via Opera News )

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