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Jalang'o Helps 'Nitakufinya' Duo Land Ambassadorial Roles

The famous duo who are now a sensational online have reasons to smile after a radio host Jalang'o promised them to gift a job where they will be earning their good money every month. The two have been trending in social media platforms where they used a funny word nitakufinya while talking to each other.

The two men were not having any job which made them to struggle with life. They will now be able to provide food on the table without having many challenges as earlier in their life.

Despite being given a job, Jalang'o also promised them to offer a motorcycle which they will be using to get money in the streets if Nairobi. The vehicles which Jalang'o is going to give them might be the start of good life for them as they can also get some money even by not going in office.

Indeed in this country you need to be creative with what you make so that life can change. In this world, every one has his own day which God planned that life will change. Remember to work hard in what you are doing and God will not let you down.

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