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Husband and wife relationship

How To Maintain a Successful Marriage

Despite the fact that there are many hardships in relationships and marriages, there are some marriages that are very successful and admiring. To achieve this kind of marriages,one has to sacrifice and make it a success.

There are tips to maintain successful a successful marriage.


In order to maintain your marriage, invite God to control everything in your house. Pray for your partners always,remember a house that is built on a rock of prayer, will never be shaken. The devil will not have any opening to enter your house. Always pray.


Always have patience and have hope in each other. Always believe that one day you will get what you want through hard work.

3.Chose your friends wisely.

Some friends are only there to pull you down,remember not everyone is happy for your success. Some will give you wrong advises that will break your marriage.

4.As a woman,always make sure that your husband is happy. Cook him good and favourite food always. Don't let your husband have a habit of eating in a hotel. Always make sure that you create time for your family and discuss your issues always.

5.Make your partner's sanity your sanity.

This will always encourage you in everything.

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