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"I Have Been Watching My Whole Family Die, I Don't Have Money For Their Treatment" Woman Cries

Mariah claims she has been watching her family die slowly since she has no money to get them treated where she claims she has tried to sell some of her property but the money is never enough.

Mariah claims she met her husband Martin through a friend after her husband died and they got married since both of them were widows.

They claim they gave birth to their first born and they were shocked because he was disabled and since they were already old they never had hope of giving birth to another child.

They claim many people had adviced them to kill their first born son because he was disabled but they loved their child alot and they decided to get another child although Mariah was not sure if she would conceive.

Their second born was also born with disability and they had no choice but to take care of their two kids. Martin developed uknown sickness to a point he could not walk on his own.

Mariah claims it has not been easy for her taking care of their two disabled kids whom she always carries on her back and also her sick husband who cannot walk on his own.

Mariah has pleaded with well wishers to help her raise money for her husband and kid's treatment because she is scared she might lose her whole family soon.

If you wish to help Mariah click here

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Mariah Martin


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