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Edgar Obare Alleges Why Natalie Tewa And Her Ex-boyfriend Are No Longer Together.

News of natalie Tewa and her alleged ex-boyfriend dating Spread all over the news when the two allegedly went on a vacation on Dubai while the borders were still closed raising an alarm from netizens.

After Edgar Obare exposed them, Edgar was threatened and his followers advised him to stay away from this story.

Since then, Natalie Tewa went dark on her social media accounts and only came back to her YouTube channel and her vlogging a few months ago.

Her vlogging mostly involves travelling and natural hair maintenance. Natalie is in lamu, exploring the world, serving her followers with content about her beautiful journey.

Yesterday, she sat across one of edgar obare's students who was a muslim and asked her about how marriage in muslim communities are conducted.

According to Natalie, she narrated how her ex-boyfriend lied to her that muslim men could not marry christian girls. She was drunk and didn't know that she had disclosed one of her secrets while she drunkenly talked to strangers. Her friend, had to stop her midway from revealing more about her life.

Since 2020, Natalie and the ex-boyfriend had a fallout and no one knew why until now that she exposed him for lying to her and not marrying her.

The two were very much in love and the ex-boyfriend was alleged to have risked taking her on a vacation during the corona period.

Most of edgar's fans were happy that the two separated since she and the ex-boyfriend took edgar through alot to a point he was taken to court for airing their story online.

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