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"I am single but still not ready to Mingle" Maria Informs Jalang'o In His Youtube Channel: (Video)

Yasmin said , commonly recognized as Maria, is such stunning actor, acting on Saturday at 16:30 as leading actriz in a famous 'Maria' TV series broadcasting on citizen tv from Monday to Friday at 07:30pm. Maria was presented by Jalang'o in the dubbedJalang'o Tv video channel. Jalang'o had an engaging conversation with Maria and she told her acting career.

Maria, 20, already informed Jalang'o that she's in Ribe High School in the province of Kilifi at the beginning when she began to play a minute upon finishing her high school education. Maria admits she's never been to high school because she's never even been to high drama clubs, yet she chooses to pursue success whenever she sees ads for the audition in drama. Maria applied for an audition and was appointed to perform as 'Maria' after a couple of days, to be a Getto girl.

That being said, Maria informed Jalang'o that while growing in Getto, she hadn't ever experienced such a life previously. She said acting was so tedious, demanding and frenetic for the very first time, yet she attempted the maximum of herself and became the best. Maria said to Jalang'o that she's so happy in seeing herself on television in the first moments of her series, and no one in the household except her mom realized it so mobilized community and she now has the best fans.

Yasmin Stated it was awarded the Akalasha Best Actress Competition, and had been grateful of the love of her audience. While she's out home, as well as the children note her appearance, she said to Jalang'o Thay she considers it tough. Youngsters, children and sometimes even elders enjoy the show best. Jalang'o questioned Maria regarding her current relationship, however she said that she is single right now, but she's not prepared for any connection. She said that she had seen the approval of large corporations and she was grateful about what God did with her at the age of 20. Maria Maria

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