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"My Case Is Urgent" Here is Natasha's Message Which Touched Believers Hearts Today (Video)

Despite that churches were being closed, Lucy Natasha has been reaching people's hearts through Facebook live streams and her television station known as Oracle TV. This morning, Lucy Natasha preached a message entitled "My Case Is Agent" in which her followers gave some comments and responding positively. Natasha has been speaking of God's miracle in her life where she always says that she was a stammerer whenever she's invited to an interview.

She had lived a life of prayer where her prophetic journey started when she was still young and was revealed by a man of God who happened to come home one day. Her mother is an intercessor, while her brother is serving together with them in the same alter. She is one of the preachers who have walked through many nations spreading the gospel, and she had previously preached some biblical messages(the power of relationship and who is the fourth man).

Like there before, her listeners today have shown interest in his messages where she happened to lay hands to some of them. Here are some of the believers who reacted to her preaching.

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