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Zora: Ogolla Arrest Madiba

Monday episode ,Lorreta and Oscar will force Kwame to say where his mother has gone to but Kwame will not tell them. Ogolla and his team will come at Chibale's house and finds them. Ogolla asks them to bring out Zalena but Lorreta tells him is nowhere and should asks Kwame. Ogolla tells them to stop that comedy and bring out Zalena.

Ogolla will asks Kwame but still says he don't know where hi mother has gone. Ogolla will slap him thoroughly but he will not say anything. Ogolla will send his team to search for Zalena in the house but unfortunately they will not find her.

Ogolla will then call Madiba and he will arrest him. Fila and Lila will be watching his father going to prison,they will cry and tries to defend him but they will not succeed. Ogolla tells Fila and Lila that he loves them so much and need best for them.

Ogolla and his team will then arrest Madiba.

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