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Humility as the superb character

Humanity and character have been observed to be the key things that contribute to the whole matter we call life. Character when singled out have proved to tell what humanity really means.

The character is what defines you either as good or evil, and so we have the task of working on our character to help build our goodness and or morality. The idea of character sounds so sweet to the heart when it's good rather than when evil (there is need to find a way to crush evil character.)

One of the character that have enjoyed goodness when it comes to morals is HUMILITY.

Facts about the character humility

1. Humility is among the top best character that helps defeat evil. When one is humbled they tend to recieve more praise than condemnation.

Futher more this one of the characters the devil can not afford. This is true from the story that potrayed him as a traitor in heaven. Revelation 12:7-12. When the devil found himself in the opposition in a powerful kingdom the devil simply said no to humility, meaning the devil will never humble himself. And as a matter of fact all that are born of the evil one must and will be evil just like there father the devil. 1 Peter 5:5.

that's why it's said if you want to know the difference between a child of God and them which a born of the evil one look at the character. Also we say that any time you realise lack of humility in humanity someone is already agenting the devil.

2. God loveshumility

Its said in 2 Chronicles chapter 7 verse 14 that if my people will humble (people who are called by my name), the key word here is the character of humility. God says that He will hear the prayers and heal the land only if the character of human change to what God Himself loves

We have missed the point and so we go quickly to other terms in the verse like answer prayer, heal the land without knowing there it's conditional.

God say I want to come and help you but how do I come among the defiled people when myself I am not. This is why you have to understand humility.

This will help you here in the word to avoid troubles. Troubles always come our way the moment we fill proud and we cannot avoid them, this is the way to succumb evil if you need good.

3. Humility comes first and last in life. When we are born we are humbled and when we die we humbled. None among us humans are born rich, we are born poor. It doesn't matter how much money you parents have you must be born naked. what does this depict, it tell you are poor.

You may make alot of money yet the same money (when time comes) cannot make you resist the weakening of body and the taking away of oxygen from your heart. This tell you are weak and poor . Therefore, we should all learn to be humble and not wait till the wee time when we will be forced to humble. We gain good when we humble than we lift ourselves.

4. Humility is a qualification to goodness

5. . God loves humility

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