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Sultana:Bi Ua Is Disturbed Because Sultana Wishes to Commit Suicide In The Ocean

In today's episode, Sultana is stressed and will go to the beaches. Sultana will recall the good moments with JJ and how life was going well. Sultana loves JJ and can't forget about him.

Sultana will leave her walking stick and starts going close to the sea. Sultana has decided to end his life because she is tired. She will go to the deep sea and starts floating and they will be no one around.

Bi Ua at his house is disturbed and can't settle. She will try to open her door but it's closed. Bi Ua senses something bad is happening which is true. Sultana is Bi Ua's daughter and as her mother, you can feel something bad happening to your child because blood is thicker than water. Major will find Bi Ua and cools down. Major tells her that everything will be okay because soon they will go to the city so that she can stop recalling the past.

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