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Sultana:Kaka Must Find A Place To Stay After Mwanzele Warns Him Not To Return To The House

In today's episode, Kaka and Dida plan to meet. Kaka can't wait to meet his lover, he wears a nice outfit and gets out only to meet his father. Mwanzele calls him to sit down and talk like a mature person. Kaka tells him to hurry up because is going somewhere important.

Mwanzele tells Kaka that he feels ashamed after what he did to his elders. Mwanzele can't imagine he planned everything to take Kaka's future wife but he refused to go. Kaka tells him to think and is not like them to find him a wife. Kaka tells Mwanzele that if he has nothing to say to allow him to leave.

Mwanzele tells Kaka is a rude child and has ruined their peace with his mother. Mwanzele tells him to find a place to stay with his lover Dida and allow him and Zuu to make their child. Kaka leaves and Mwanzele warns him not to come back to his house again. Mwanzele tells him by evening to pick up all his bags because he doesn't want to see him again. Kaka doesn't care and will go to meet Dida.

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