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Hip-hop Star Compensated for Fake Jewelry While another Rapper gets sued for Not Paying His Jeweler.

Hip-hop Star Compensated for Fake Jewelry While another Rapper gets sued for Not Paying His Jeweler.

The jewelry business has evolved greatly with the help of the Hip-hop industry. The majority of the rappers either purchase or contribute to the direct sale of jewelry given the influence they have on people. However, as the diamond business jeeps taking shape a lot of buyers are now concerned the some of the jewelers are losing their integrity.

Famous rappers have also come out to accuse well-known jewelers of selling them fake jewelry as well as overpricing them with the most recent one being Lil Baby. The 26-year-old rapper from Atlanta recently accused a New York-based jeweler of selling him a 400 000 dollar fake watch.

The aforementioned jeweler Rafaello and Co. did not deny the allegations but instead took to his Instagram account and apologized to the rapper. Rafaello went ahead to say he takes full responsibility for not inspecting the watch when purchasing it from his dealer.

As part of his apology, Rafaello compensated Lil Baby by giving him his money back and gifting him with four expensive rings. With the Atlanta rapper fully satisfied another rapper has been sued for not fully paying what he owed to his jewelry dealer.

According to TMZ the infamous Hip-hop’s major jeweler Elliot Elliante has filed a 100 000 dollar lawsuit on 25-year-old PLayboi Carti. As per reports Elliot had made some chains for the rapper’s birthday worth 200 000 dollars but PLayboi paid only half of the agreed amount.

The case has already been presented to the court and only awaits a hearing date to be set. These two cases, however, present a recent trend in mistrust between Hip-hop artists and their dealers even though a majority of the artists usually end up satisfied by the services offered.

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