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Sultana: Bi Ua Finds The Truth Of Having A Girl Child

In today's episode, Asia will find Salama relaxed. Asia asks her if is not worried about staying at Major's house because past years she could not step into that house. Salama tells Asia that is grateful because Major and Bi Ua raised a good doctor and if it were not for JJ she could not be healed. Salama tells Asia that Sultana is in the house where she is supposed to be staying. Sada will be listening and Asia will be shocked to see her.

Later Salama will be in her room sleeping and Asia comes in. Asia asks Salama about her main agenda of coming to Major's house because she can't trust her anymore. Salama tells her that is ready to inform Bi Ua that she gave birth to a girl child. Asia will be shocked and Salama tells her to tell Bi Ua before she spills everything. Bi Ua will be at the door and will hear everything. She enters inside and asks them about the girl she gave birth but the two will be silent. Asia will pretend to be making Salama's bed but Bi Ua has discovered the truth.

The truth is revealed that Bi Ua gave birth to a girl child Sultana and not JJ.

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