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Zora Citizen TV: Talia’s Game Just began, Here is The Trick Behind Kwame’s ‘Trauma’

Kwame had been subjected to fear, shock and confusion after receiving strange calls from the person he thought could be Alma. The reason why he is holding to the allegation that Alma is still Alive is because he saw someone who looked exactly like Alma near their mansion. Well, the reason why he is in fear is because he was responsible for her death. Should we really believe that Alma is alive? Beloved reader, please come with me I take you through the whole truth.

The truth of the matter is that the person who had been calling Kwame is none other than Talia who is Alma’s twin sister. Talia has decided to use all means to take revenge against the Chibale for being involved for the death of her sister. Since they look alike, when she appeared at the mansion, Kwame thought that it was Alma. That is why you should understand that Alma isn’t alive as some believed.

Talia had been acting very innocent in front of her father but on the other side carrying on her operations ahead of him and without his knowledge. She must have hidden Alma’s body as part of her plans to succeed her mission. She must have done so to make everyone believe that Alma is Alive. However, let’s find out more from the next episode.

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