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How Nana Fell into Oliver's Trap

We all know that the reason why Oliver mercilessly kicked Madiba out of the mansion was because he had been madly in love with Nana who was Madiba’s wife to be. No one had actually known this exact reason a part from him. Most of the family members thought that it was because he had just discovered that Madiba wasn’t his really son. It was just recently that he revealed this secret to Kwame after he went drunk. In the next episode that you are just about to watch, you will see Kwame revealing this to Madiba.

I still believe that you understand that Madiba was back to the mansion as a result of Kwame’s plea to his dad Oliver. While others seem to be thanking Oliver for bringing back Madiba, aunt Loreta advised Oliver that it was his perfect time to win back Nana. The Monday episode reveals to you how he took her advice so serious. As we gear into our today’s theme, you will see Oliver arriving at Nana’s place in a perfect mood. Before Nana could think of starting her drama, Oliver handed her a brown envelop which melted her heart with maximum joy.

Nana couldn’t believe her eyes after realizing that she had now officially become a shareholder in one of Oliver’s companies as stated in the paper from that brown envelope. She was unable to control her joy and anyone could feel how overexcited she was. While still in that mood, Nana decided to lock back the door and offered herself to him as her sincere sign of appreciation. Could it be that Nana has now decided to fall for Oliver? I am pretty sure that many questions will arise if she attempts to give him the chance. She might land into big trouble since Zalena will want to fight back. Let’s find out more from the next episode.


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