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Unravelling Details About Sarah Cohen, Widow to The Late Tob Cohen

Sarah Cohen is a very hardworking lady determined to achieve success through effort and total focus on results and things that can uplift her life to the next level. She is a business woman focused more on factors that can take her to the next level as well ensure his family achieved the very best for that's the goal of every woman.

It's clear Sarah Cohen was married at a very young age by the late Tob Cohen, as a God fearing lady something that has elevated her to greater heights. She was looking for a house help job which later turned into a relationship later becoming a wife. However later she is now being accused of being behind the murder of Cohen or the main Mastermind of the death of her husband.

Sarah Cohen comes from Nyeri county birth a place that she has invested heavily in a mighty way in the real estate business. She believes the case that she is behind the murder of Cohen is just witch hunt by the DCI for she has denied having any knowledge concerning what happened to her husband. The matter is however in court awaiting for a conclusive report that will settle the matter once and for all.

Sarah Cohen however does not have kids for according to her, her husband was impotent after surgery. However it's clear she has outlived the cases leveled against her and continued to progress on positive things that can uplift her life to the next level. She has also been fighting to access her matrimonial home that however has remained a mirage.

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