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Jemutai and Prof Hamo Wash Dirty Linen In Public As Hamo Fails To Bread win Sons Jeremy and Kessy

Two famous comedians professor Hamo and Jemutai have been dorminating the social media for the larger part of this week. Herman Gakobo Kago alias Prof Hamo has been in a relationship with Stella Bunei alias Jemutai for about 6 years now. The two have sired two kids together but prof Hamo has another family. Recently Jemutai claimed to run broke and sort for someone who could purchase her account with 870k followers. She claimed to have huge areas as well as being anable to cater for her bills. These post took social media by storm. Details later emerged that Prof Hamo was not providing for his biological children whom he sired with Jemutai. Here is of the their kid Jeremy.

Prof Hamo quickly responded on the allegations and stated that the children are his and he fends for them. He claimed to be paying rent and providing upkeep through his real wife. According to his statement the wife has been sending cash to Jemutai on monthly basis. He also stated that he has been visiting her on weekly basis. Here is a photo of the two.

Stella Bunei has quickly responded over anger. She has stated that all the allegations of provision is a pure lie. She has been struggling single handedly. Prof Hamo other wife, Mama Melisa sent a total of ksh.9000. The first ksh.2000 was sent early this year for medication, then another 2000 for food. This week on Thursday Mama Melisa sent ksh.5000 after Jamutai had already spilled the beans for the public to help. More so, prof Hamo last paid rent for her in October,2020.

What's your take on this counter accusations bearing in mind that professor hamo has another legal family. Corona has also eating a big portion of the income for the entertainment industry. Have a look at these sentiments by both Jemutai and Hamo and share your thoughts.

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