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Senator Omanga pulls a crazy prank on Kenyans on April Fools

Mama Miradi is a social media giant with over 1million people following her page. The beautiful senator as usual loves toying with her fans and today she was at it promising her fans lunch money. The post which attracted over five thousand comments read “Leo mafans nawatumia kila mtu thao ya lunch..nawategea kwa comments. #MamaMiradi”.

Here is link to the Facebook Post:

Excited Kenyans hoping for free lunch quickly flooded Senator Omanga’s page with their phone numbers before realizing it was April fool’s day.

Upon Realizing they had been pranked Kenyans began attacking Omanga for mocking poor Kenyans. Some even compared this prank with the wheelbarrow narrative which is headed by DP Ruto.

One Follower was so hurt by what he termed as Omanga’s insensitivity in these tough times and posted a painful response which read “Sincerely! Are you sure you wanna fool your follower’s do you know the impact of what you're doing? At the moment people are going through many challenges that if you lie to them the lie will hung on their memories n this would came to haunt you some day! It won't be fool’s day as you may think, vitu na fool’s day achia wenyewe you're not of that class, free advice.

It is indeed Aprils fool’s day and no one should take the pranks seriously because they are just meant for fun. Omanga was just trying to prank their fans like other people are doing worldwide.

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