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Zari Hassan Latest Message Towards Japesa That Has Caught People's Attention On Social Media

Zari Hassan has gotten a lot of attention on social media platforms. This happened when she sent a message to Japesa, a Kenyan rapper who has gone viral on the internet. Japesa should quit exploiting her name to gain clout, according to Zari.

Remember that Zari sent this message to the Japesa after the rapper claimed that he had been conversing with Zari, something Zari has denied.

Zari' s statement, in which she tells Japesa to stop using her name for fame, has gone viral on various social media sites, eliciting mixed comments.

Many people are trolling Japesa about her use of Zari' s name, while others are stating that Japesa should stop using someone' s name for fame.

Japesa' s full name is Philip Patroba Okoye, and he was born in Mombasa in 1994, however, his parents are from Siaya county. He went to primary school and then high school, where he did his best according to his abilities, just like the other students of his period.

He was interested in rap music from a young age, yet he was different from most youngsters his age. The effluent Queens language is preferred by the majority of people. Despite this, the he opted to go linguistic due to a few factors, mostly because his lyrics are written in his mother tongue.

He had the best mastery of poetic composition as if it were a gift, and his mother' s accent of her language was top notch.

He who was born in 1994, is now 26 years old. Japesa who are still young and enthusiastic and at the peak of his career have a long way to go, and he desires to take his Luo- Rap to the next level, which I know is his dream.

He has been interested in rap music since he was a child; he used to listen to and imitate older musicians, emulating their styles while he wrote his songs.

He was irritated by rap music, which piqued his curiosity in exposing his entire self to the failing music.

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