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Jimal Mohammed sends a Message to ex-wife Amira

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Businessman Jamal Mohammed, also known as Jimal Roho Safi, has approached his ex-wife Amira once more.

"When you are dating for marriage, date a forgiving partner, not the one who would drag disputes from Nazareth to Galilee," the matatu businessman advised on his Instagram post.

He sent the message after his attempts to win Amira back failed.

They broke up when Jimal frequently flaunted his ex-girlfriend Amber Ray on social media and even begged her to accept the socialite as a second wife.

Jamal and Amber Ray eventually broke up since they could not sustain their romance. Now that the relationship with Amber Ray is over, Jimal tried to contact his ex-wife for potential reconciliation but in vain.

I am doing this to you, Amira, because the disrespect was "loud". I apologize for all the disrespect, embarrassment, hurt, pain, and trauma. I apologize for all the times I failed to live up to my promises. Please forgive me because I put you through all that trouble, and I know you are from far back," he wrote as part of his apologies.

Amira replied that she felt overwhelmed by emotions as she reflected on everything that happened to her in public and private spaces.

She continued, “That apology has taken me to one of the darkest places I have ever been in my life. I have reflected so much on what transpired in public and privately, and it has sparked a lot of emotions.”



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