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Trending story about Jemutai comedian and Professor Hamo

Following a series of rivalry posts between the two great Kenyan comedians, Jemutai and Hamo, there has been a lot of public outcry demanding for justice for children.

The two have been in a relationship for some years now despite the fact that professor Hamo is married legally to only one wife. They have two biological children who Jemutai claims their father have been far from them since October.She is angered by how Hamo treats her with her two children and she is categorical in putting the facts on board for public to have their say.

Due to the current economic situation, Jemutai is appealing for public support to enable her gather for her two children. On her latest post, she claims that life has been so tough and that she is in a hard position to pay rent as well as provide fully for the children left to her alone.

Contrary to Jemutai's claim, professor Hamo who is a presentor at hot 96 has come up with quick response on his Facebook account. He says that all his children irrespective of where they are deserve humane treatment. He strongly oppose what Jemutai posted by countering with the idea that he has been responsible in providing for the children equally.

This series of events have sparked a lot of responses from the public who are seen to demonstrate understanding on how the whole thing should be. Is it practical for the two warring sides to enter into a mutual agreement which will see both parties embrace understanding, love and restore their past joy? How well can Hamo settle the issue and what are the chances that Jemutai will accept?

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