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Shish Actress Of Tahidi High

Shish is the name of the actor and an abbreviation for his real name. Shish is loved by many. She was one of the main actresses of the school drama Tahidi High. She used to speaks very fluently and played her scenes very well. Shish had led many to believing that Tahidi was a real high school. she was young at the time. She had excellent acting skills. Shish was there from start to the finish for the whole drama. Unlike his friends Tanya and OJ, Shish never dropped out of school.

She behaved like a very brave and stubborn girl. Shish directed others and did unacceptable things which were against the school rules and regulations. She used to help her friends sneak out of class or do bad things. She was one of the obvious headaches in the drama. But later people realized that Shish did what she had to do to keep the drama going. She was having fun.

Most of the scenes are very interesting and worth seeing. Without Shisha, the drama would never have been the same. Shish was somehow liked by the Kenyans compared to the other cast members on the show.

Shish hasn't taken part in acting since her drama acting back at Tahidi high. Most people would wish to see more of their drama but they are no longer in the screens again. She stopped acting unlike most other actors like Tanya. Tanya studied acting and went to study it abroad.

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