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17 OMG Facts That Will Completely Blow Your Mind Away

Below is a list of some random facts you probably haven't heard of;

1. Chewing gum boosts your concentration.

The movements within your jaws stimulate areas near the brain which in turn makes you more focus and alert, this activity can also boost your memory. Famous chewing personality that comes to mind is Alex Ferguson the former Manchester united coach.

2. Cold showers are a remedy for depression.

Cold water effect on the body ends up producing the endorphin hormone which is responsible for making us happy, Cold showers can also make one more alert and creative.

3. Sweat doesn’t smell.


It’s actually the bacteria on your body that reacts with sweat hence the odor.

4. Crows hold grudges.

Due to sharp memory, a crow has the ability of remembering its oppressor and can actually swoop down to take its revenge on the unfortunate individual.

5. Reason why there is a hole on your pen cap.


This design mainly found in bic pens is to prevent choking, that little gap can give you some added breathing time which can be a huge difference between life and death.

6. Copper door handles disinfect themselves.

Yes copper has antibacterial or disinfectant properties that can kill the germs on its surface therefore protecting itself from germ wielding hands.

7. Crying makes you feel better.

Crying releases the toxic stress from your system, it’s also the natural way of coping with a sorrowful event, so if the flood gates are about to open just let them.

8. High heels were originally worn by men.

Yes but it was functional, because they enabled them ride their horses much better back in the day, it also made them look taller and was common among upper class men, but the phase gradually faded away and women have been wearing them since, even though fewer men still indulge in this footwear.

9. Overhydrating can kill you.

Drinking too much water can make your cells swell up and that can be a real danger especially for the brain, just stick to the 8 glasses a day rule, which is more than enough.

10. Hugging makes you healthier.

Hugs make you feel happier which means less stress ,good heart health and moderate blood pressure.

11. August is happiness happens month.

Always be happy and share your happiness with others. Happy happiness happens month!

12. Uruguay was the first country to win the FIFA world cup.

It was also the first to host the event in 1930 from 13-30 July and in the end after 13 countries participated, Uruguay beat Argentina 4-2 in the final.

13. There is a religion known as Dudeism.

This religion was inspired by a character in a movie, it promotes being chill and cool…as expected, for more info you can check out a dudeist holy book or check out the dudespaper.

14. Word goodbye means “God be with ye”.

This farewell saying is actually shortened from “God be with ye”

15. The oldest hotel in the world is 1300+ years old.

The Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan in Yamashi Japan first opened its doors in 705 A.D.

16. Barack Obama is a two-time Grammy award winner.

First time was in 2006 for an audio book “Dreams from my father” second in 2008 for another audio book titled “The audacity of hope”.

17. Olympic gold medal is not made of pure gold.

The last pure gold was awarded in 1912, since then it has been made up of over 90% silver and the rest is a couple of grams of gold that is used for coating.


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