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Divorce Affair

Kenyan Celebrities Who Have Stayed In Marriage For Over 10 years

People are marrying these days, but they don’t last in marriage. They get divorce each other sooner, because they failed to get along. There are some celebrities who are married for over 10 years now, and they are getting along. Let us look at the list, and we will find out their secrets.

1. Eric Wainaina and Sheba Hirst.

Eric Wainaina works as an artist, and he has made a big name in music industry. He has created a lot of wealth through music, and he has not stopped singing. Eric Wainaina married Sheba, and they have two children together.

They have been married for over 11 years, and they are still together. Eric Wainaina cheated on her wife, because she had an affair with another woman by the name of Valeria Kimani. Valeria was working at Tusker project fame, and they fell in love. They had a child together, but they got busted. Sheba Hirst was hurt in her heart, because she caught them in the act.

She later forgave her husband, and they still stick together in marriage. Marriage partner always make mistakes, because human beings have a lot of shortcomings. Partners who forgives mistake are very good, and they will stay longer in marriage. Partners who apologizes mistakes are good, because they will stay long in marriage.  

2. Bishop Allan Kiuna and Reverend Kathy Kiuna.

Allan Kiuna married Kathy In a church wedding, and they have lived together for 23 years. They are both serving the Lord, so they have enjoyed a lot of lord's blessings. They have been blessed with children, therefore they have a complete family.

Bishop Allan Kiuna loves teaching youths about marriage, because he has a lot of experience in it. He taught youths to be responsible in marriage, because most of them don’t value their partners. Bishop Allan was diagnosed with cancer, but his wife didn’t leave. His wife prayed for him earnestly, until he started feeling better.

Most partners like running out of marriage in such cases, but Kathy chose to stay with his husband. We should learn a lot from them. So that we can become better married partners.


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