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"Nimeandika Talaka Kwa Sarah" Konde Harmonize Has Surprised Fans With His Revelation At Clouds Fm

[Photo/Courtesy Instagram]

Harmonize on his latest interview on clouds FM has cleared the air on the issue of mariage with his former lover Sarah.Now the two were legally married as said by him and after their separation it was legally an obligation he set to divorce her.

[Photo/Courtesy Instagram]

The former lovebirds dated for four years and ended their relationship in a rather hurtful and public manner.This led to Harmonize learning of his daughter Zuh Konde whom Sarah said wasn't his and had DNA test results of the two that showed otherwise.

[Photo/Courtesy Instagram]

Despite all the drama Harmonize ended up a loved man with Kajala Fridah whom he has on many occasions flaunted in public with.Konde Boy also said that he only walks with Kajallah when he is free and not everywhere.Fans are waiting for a reply from Sarah.

[Photo/Courtesy Instagram]

Harmonize on the Interview at clouds revealed how he met Angella and the whole truth about her recent rise to stardom.The talented star has also said that a new collaboration with a loved Yemi Alade and Angela is in the waves and might come out soon.

[Photo/Courtesy Instagram]

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