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Becoming A Teenage Mum? Everything You Need To Know About Kate Actress.

Mother in Law is a Citizen TV show that broadcast locally. It is a mash- up of young and old actors who popularized local programming. Catherine Kamau, also known as Selina, found a fruitful environment in the program to hone her acting skills.

Even after leaving Mother in Law, she continues to make people laugh with the humorous short movies she shares on social media sites during this difficult Covid- 19 epidemic time. In 2017, she starred in her own production ' Sue na Jonnie, ' and in 2019 she starred in Plan B and Disconnect.

Catherine is undoubtedly one of the best actresses in the country. Through the many Kenyan films that she has been featured in we can confidently say that she is very talented. However behind the beautiful face we see on the screens, Cate has a story to tell. She had to struggle a lot to where she is today. Here is her story.

Who is kate Actress?

As mentioned earlier Kate is a seasoned Kenyan actress who has been gracing our television screens for quite a long time. She is also famous for her harpic advertisement which earned her the title ' mama safi' . Her funny character always has a way of getting us.

Catherine Kamau was born in Nyahururu on February 3, 1987. She is the family' s firstborn child. Her childhood information is scanty and not much is known. This is because the lady likes keeping her personal life private and away from the public eye.

Catherine finished secondary school in Chogoria. She joined the theatrical club at school and excelled there. Kate was expelled for imitating her school' s Headmistress. After that, she went to Loreto Msongari School, where she won the Miss Msongari pageant. After finding she was pregnant, the actress enrolled at Makerere University, where she had to discontinue her studies.

Becoming a teenage mum?

The 19- year- old was on her own in a strange nation, away from her mother' s rigorous control. Celina found out she was pregnant with her son Leon Kamau just two months after starting at Makerere University. Celina told a local news outlet about that time period.

" I had recently started university in Uganda. My mother was a stern disciplinarian when I was growing up. It was my first time alone, away from home, and exploring. Aki I was so scared but at the same time very happy to be away from my strict mother. " She stated during the interview.

She had to stop her studies in the middle and return home to see her son. Fortunately, her mother was in South Africa, making it relatively simple for her to convey the news via a very large letter apologizing.

Catherine had a rocky relationship with Leon' s father, whom she described to as a " deadbeat parent" in the Daily Nation. According to the actress, her son' s father wanted to be involved in his life, but he was inconsistent, causing her to cut ties with him.

How she kick started her acting career.

Her cousin Tina, who was a cast member in Mother in Law, helped her break into the industry. Her relative told the actress that the show' s producer was looking for a dancer to appear on the show. She gave it her best, and the producer was so delighted that she was given Sh5, 000 instead of Sh1, 000. And that wasn' t the end of it.

She was originally cast as a receptionist before being cast as Selina and then as the main character. When Selina joined the show in 2008, she quickly became a fan favorite, so it was a surprise when she left eight years later.

She perfected her art in acting over the years and has become among the best actresses in the country. She is always so natural in the scenes and this has made people fall in love with her.

Her acting profession gave her access to opportunities that every entertainer wishes for. Harpic has given its seal of approval. For more than seven years, she has served as Harpic' s ambassador. The actress claimed in a DN ' One on One' interview that she doesn' t adopt " any other brand" because " when you' re everywhere, you tend to water down your brand. " But that doesn' t mean I' m solely responsible for Harpic. I' d like to become known for a select businesses and have an influence with them. The same is true for the shows. "

Married or still single? Kate' s personal life.

Kate is married to Philip Mwaniki, who is most known for his part in Tahidi High as a student. On November 17, 2017, the two married at the Windsor Hotel. Philip is a producer and the owner of Phil It Productions, which has a variety of Maisha Magic East episodes.

In an interview with SDE, Phil stated that adopting Leon as his own kid was not a problem for him. They had trouble " fighting for the attention of the most important woman in our life. . . at first, but that changed with time. "

His bond with his stepson is so positive that he refers to him as " daddy. " " Now we' re like brothers. " Our friendship is so strong these days that my mother gets jealous from time to time. I keep emphasizing that I am not his friend first, but rather his father and teacher. "

On December 15, 2019, the actress gave birth to her second child. This was after seven whole years of trying to get pregnant but in vain. The couple had almost given up on ever having kids but God suprised them with a beautiful daughter who they named Njeri.

Kate Actress' s story shows that you should never give up on your dreams no matter what. She is a big inspiration to many teenage mums out there. Comment down below and don' t forget to follow me for more interesting stories about your favorite celebrities right here in entertainment world!

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