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NTV News Anchor Dann Mwangi Thanks Neighbors And Friends For Aiding Him When Battling Covid-19

NTV news anchor and Digital and Innovation editor, Dann Mwangi, has described how he contracted Covid-19 and his resulting admission to the High Dependency Unit (HDU).

Talking during a meeting with Nation on Tuesday, August 24, Mwangi described how his family was affected and the role his neighbors played in aiding him all through that period. He clarified that his neighbors, companions and church individuals would appear outside his home with various things, just to converse with his family and stay with them while in isolation as required by the Ministry of Health.

"They came through with shopping, doing tasks, bringing hot, fresh, home-prepared meals which I had no craving for. We are honored, overwhelmed and humbled by the affection. It is tangible," the NTV anchor expressed.

"I was almost in bed the entire day however I got up and went to the sitting room in the late evening when a few companions came to drop off some stuff for us. We sat and bonded across the closed windows for quite a while. I generally got depleted, proceeded to lay on the couch," he added. Seven days in the wake of testing positive, Mwangi described how his body was shutting down and his wife called an ambulance and the insurance agency to get a bed in the hospital immediately.

At the point when the nurse went to pick him from their home, his oxygen levels had dropped drastically.

"The doctor said that they required to make some intervention since it appeared I was depending more on supplementally oxygen than what I was breathing myself."

"What's more, when they did a CT scan, the outcomes showed that my lungs were affected 66%, so I was essentially working on 33% of my lungs," he clarified.

Mwangi urged Kenyans to follow the MoH rules, noticing that Covid-19 treatment is costly and being admitted to the hospital with breathing issues is difficult. "I recall when I was in my bed in the HDU, that is when there was by-election in Kiambaa. I understood things would turn tragic as nobody thought often about the Covid-19 containment measures. If they knew what a few of us were going through, they wouldn't attempt that," remarked the news anchor.

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