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Divorce Affair

Sultana: Mbuya Advices Dida About Relationship Issues As Her Calls Ignored By Jabali Junior

In today's episode Dida is worried and can't believe her parents are going to divorce. His father comes into her room and tells her he is very sorry but can't continue staying with her mother. Dida tells his father that she is aware that he has tried his best to stay with her mother but is not good idea to divorce while she is all grown up.

Mbuya advices her daughter to always be careful and should never get married because of materialistic things such money and wealth. Mbuya doesn't want her daughter to enter into toxic relationship like himself.

Later Dida calls Jabali Junior but he will not pick her calls. Dida calla again but still she will be ignored. Dida will be annoyed and can't believe that all people wants her to get married to JJ a person who can't pick her calls or check on her.

Dida should not force relationship with Jabali Junior.

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