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Sultana:Asia Confused After Babu Reveals Her Deepest Secret

In Monday's episode, Asia will visit Babu with some shopping. Babu will be surprised to see her and asked Asia if she has been sent by Major. Asia assures her she only came alone to see him because it's a long time without seen him.

Asia tells Babu she came mainly for Kokan and Sultana's marriage. Asia tells Babu that since Kokan and Sultana got together Major doesn't cause any harm to the villagers. Asia thinks Kokan and Sultana are a couple match and should get married and is ready to support them.

Asia advises Babu to use his leadership opportunity to make sure Kokan marries Sultana. Babu tells Asia not to think is a fool and he knows she wants Kokan and Sultana to marry for her benefit. Babu tells her is aware of her secret and that she helped Salama to exchange Sultana and JJ during childbirth. Babu tells her that JJ's mother died and he burried her. Asia will be shocked and starts behaving like a confusedly woman.She will asks Babu how he got the information. Babu tells her that walls have ears and she can't hide anything for long.

Asia had been keeping the secrets for many years that Sultana is daughter to Bi Ua and Major. Asia don't what to do because Babu is aware of the secret.

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