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Sultana:" Apewe Kichapo Cha Umbwa " Kaka Resigns His Work and is Denied His Salary By Major

Tomorrow's episode Kaka will find Major and his family outside the house. Major will be happy to see him because he has work for him but Kaka has not come for that. Kaka tells Major that he has come to resign his work and wants to go at the city to try his luck. Major will change his moods.

Major tells Kaka that the city doesn't belong to poor life people like him. Kaka tells Major to give him his salary because he doesn't want to work for him. Major tells him that can't happened and should have written resignation letter in early advance. Sada tells Major to give Kaka his salary but he will leave.

Kaka will go at the beaches very stressed because he don't know how to go at city without any income. Major will find Maneno and Mwanzele and tells them to teach Kaka good manners because he will fire all of them.

Mwanzele tells Maneno that Kaka has brought them many problems. Maneno tells him that Kaka need to beaten like a dog to make him a better man but Mwanzele tells him that he will deal with Kaka as his father.

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Apewe Kichapo Cha Umbwa Kaka Major Mwanzele Sada


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