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Sultana:"Maria In Danger" Fatima's Bad Men Attack and Beat her, And Ready To Shoot Her

On Monday's episode, Maria will return to Mwakiruge in the slums. Maria will be careful to make sure no one has seen her because she is a wanted person. Obaro and Fatima's person are looking for her. Maria will get inside her ghetto house and finds a ring. She stares at it but all over suddenly some men will attack her.

Fatima's bad men had followed Maria and succeeded to catch her. The men will hung Maria on the rooftop not to escape. One man will advise the other one to call Fatima to inform her that they have caught Maria but will refuse. He thinks is best to first get information from Maria about Mbuya and then inform Fatima.

Maria thinks is Obaro and starts calling him. The men will enter and starts beating Maria. One man will pull out a gun and asks Maria where is Mbuya. Maria will be shocked but the man wants answers or to shoot her. Maria will not stay anything until the next episode.

Maria's life it's in danger because is under the arms of Fatima's bad men who may do anything to her.

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