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Zora:" War At Fellas House" Fella Almost Shot Kwame And Madiba

In today's episode Talia will confess everything to Chibale's that she stopped the revenge because she falled in love with Madiba who does not love her back. Talia will also tell them that Alma's pregnancy was for Fella and Kwame will not believe. Kwame will not waste time he will go direct to see Fella, Madiba will follow him.

Fella will be surprised to see Kwame and Madiba in his house, Kwame will confront Fella and asks him why he abused his wife, Zora will be upstairs and after the noise from Kwame she will join them. Kwame is very angry and wants to beat Fella. Zora will tell Madiba to take Kwame away but Kwame doesn't want.

Kwame will ask Madiba what did she see on Zora because they are heartless people, her husband took advantage of his wife. Zora will beg Madiba to take Kwame away but still Kwame wants to fight. Fella will go upstairs and comes with gun. He points the gun on them and they will walk outside.Fella will warn Zora never to move out without his permission.

Outside, Madiba and Kwame will start to argue, Kwame will ask Madiba why he is defending Zora he could wait to deal with them. Madiba tells Kwame to stop that but Kwame will starts fighting Madiba, Madiba will tell Kwame he send his wife to find a man to pregnant her so he should bear with that.

Fella will hear the argument between Madiba and Kwame , he will get out and Fella will release some gun shots and everyone will ran away.

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