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Zora Tv Show: Zalena welcomes Nana in Her Family as She Warns Madiba Against Investigating Ogolla

Zora Tomorrow episode Madiba with Nana after visiting Loretta they will meet Zalena in the mansion. Zalena will ask them what they are up to. She will be so excited as she waits for them to tell her what going on.

Madiba Will tell her mother that they are back together officially with Nana. He will also give her the envelope they were given in the hospital for her to see. Zalena gets so excited about it.

Zalena tells Nana to feel at home and she requests to talk to the marina. Zalena starts to tell Madiba that he should stop investigating Ogolla because he already knows. She tells Madiba that he should not involve Neema because she is not a professional.

She tells him that Ogolla is a clever person and if he continues to investigate him they will lose everything. In the previous episode, we saw Neema telling Madiba how she saw him in Zalenas room.

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